CCs IPFA NextGenAccounting/Billing Software for Supermarkets, Trading Businesses

CCS ComSoft has developed and launched two commercial products; CCS NextGen Hotel Management Software - catering to hotels, restaurants, service apartments, food chains, motels, etc; and CCS IPFA NextGen; catering to retailers like supermarkets, traders,grocery stores, pharmacy etc.

Both the products are receiving encouraging reviews from users who think of them as "comprehensive, user friendly and loaded with practical day to day functions".

CCS NextGen Hotel Management Software

It is customizable and integrated software at par with what's used by international chains of hotel, entertainment and amusement parks, clubs, spas etc.

The Software is divided into relevant functional modules, and facilitates independent as well as centralized accessed through a single platform that promises effective &efficient management. Our software ensures that all the data related to accounting and inventory flows across relevant departments effortlessly. It can be custom assembled to the specific needs of your outfit. To learn more about HMS Features read here…